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Best Vinyl Sticker Cutting Plotter Under 30000

English- If you are looking for Best Cutting Plotter or Best Sticker Cutting Machine, then this article is made for you. In this we will tell you Under 10000 to 30000 Cutting Plotter. Which can prove very beneficial for your business.

With the help of these plotter, you can prepare Bike Sticker, Tattoo Desing, Mirror Design, Home Plate design. Apart from this, you can also do the work of Mobile Cover Design, Art And Craft from them. Here we are going to tell you the best cutting plotter according to your budget. You can buy whatever you feel is right.

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under 30000
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Best Sticker Cutting Machine

Here are four best Cutting Plotter machines. Which works well at an affordable price.

  1. ARC Sign Plotter 24″
  2. ARC Sign Plotter 16″
  3. Silhouette Cameo 3 Plotter 12″
  4. Redsail Plotter 24″

Let us also know about the features and price of these cutting plotter.

ARC Sign Cutter Plotter 24″


ARC Sign Vinyl Cutter Plotter is best for any type of vinyl sticker cutting. It comes in a 24 inch size. And its cutting quality is also very tremendous. So that you will not face any kind of problem in the small word or sticker cutting.

Its sound is also very low during sticker cutting. This cutting plotter can give you a great experience. If we talk about its price, then its price is only 30000 rupees. Which is very good according to its quality.

Best Cutting Plotter

ARC Sign Cutter Plotter 16″


If you do not cut too big sticker, and only cut the Mobile Back Cover Sticker, or Bike Sticker, then this 16 inch ARC Sign Vinyl Cutter Plotter can also prove to be better than the 24 inch Cutter Plotter mentioned above. is.

In this, you can cut any sticker up to 16 inches. It has a LED display as well as a USB connector.  And you can cut sticker without using computer.

It will cost 24000 Indian rupees. But it will prove to be a money item for you.

Best Cutting Plotter

Silhouette Cameo 3 Plotter 12″


Cameo 3 is too small in plotter size. Which will be perfect for your small and tight shop. But it can make sticker cuttings up to 12 inches. If you want to do the work of big trains also, do not buy it.

But if you make small sticker cuttings then this machine is best for you.

Because Silhouette is an American brand. Which you can buy without much thought.

Its price is 22000 Indian rupees.

Best Sticker Cutting Machine

Redsail Vinyl Sticker Cutting Plotter 24″


According to me, Redsail Plotter 24 inch is the best selling Cutter plotter in India. The biggest reason for this is its price. It starts at only 14000 Indian rupees.

However, its sticker cutting quality is also good according to its price. But you have to take it without guarantee. Which is a little risk. If you get it checked, it may cost a little more.

Best Sticker Cutting Machine

Conclusion / निष्कर्ष

The above four cutting plotter machines are described keeping in mind your budget. Higher priced Roland or Graphtec Plotter are available in the market. But if you have a new shop, then you choose only one of the four machines above.

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